Plenty Knitwear is based in Warsaw, Poland. Each piece sold here is hand knitted locally by passionate knitters. 

Most yarns used in the knitting process are made from natural fibers. High quality yarns used in the knitting process are chosen to provide comfort. Our products are thought to be warm and cosy, without compromising their lightness and comfort.

All products are knitted in limited quantities. Because of a character of knitting process, each and every piece made and sold by Plenty Knitwear is unique - it bears a bit of a personality of a knitter, who made it. Each piece bears its own unique "knitterprint". 

Plenty Knitwear embraces the process rather than perfection. We encourage you to accept imperfections as we do.

During wear your knitted pieces will keep adjusting to your body. They can stretch during wear - it is a normal process for natural materials (you might have experienced the same with your favourite 100% cotton jeans). While becoming more and more yours, they will still keep you warm. 

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