Hand knitted items will make you happy long if your care for them. Below you can find a couple of tips how to keep your knits in shape.

Our products are hand knitted. Only high quality, mostly natural fibres are used in the process. Natural fibres need much less washing then synthetics. Fresh air refreshes them perfectly.

Items knitted from mohair are super light and fluffy. You can lightly shake your knits or gently brush down with hand to restore their lovely fluffiness.

Mohair can be washed in tepid water. It is important to be gentle with your hand knitted item. It can be gently squeezed out, never pulled, wrung nor tumble dried. Let it dry flat.

How to wash your hand knitted item? It is much more simple that it may seem. Two most important things are to be gentle and use tepid water for washing. 

Prepare two dry towels and container with tepid water. 

We recommend placing your item in a washing container filled with tepid water, (please remember not to direct a water stream on an item you are going to wash). Gently submerge your item in the water. You can leave it for up to 15 minutes, gently stirring water. 

After your item is washed, it is recommended to pour out the water, leaving an item in the container. Next, you can gently squeeze water excess from your item and gently place your item on one of the prepared towels, forming your item to its shape. Gently roll the towel with the item placed on it - the towel will absorb the remaining water excess. Roll the towel back. The final step: gently move your item onto the other dry towel and form your item to its original shape. Dry it on a flat surface: depending on air temperature and humidity drying can last up to three days. 

Store your hand knitted items gently folded on a shelf, not on hangers.

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